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About Us

No Go Press is an independent publisher of art books based in the West Midlands, focussing on photography zines and making well-designed, beautiful works at affordable prices.

Richard Lambert founded No Go Press to help other photographers gain confidence and share the practical skills of creating, publishing and distributing their work. No Go Press exists to highlight unrepresented, exciting photography, and raise public awareness of interesting local creatives. All profits from sales go to the artists and to printing future work.

The name No Go Press is taken from right-wing cultural disinformation “news” pieces that have declared ‘no-go’ zones, stoking the fear of the ‘other’ and dehumanising multi-ethnic populations. Many contemporary images produced in the West Midlands either erase all the strangeness and social issues, inviting gentrification over the threshold, or imagine the city as a terrifying depression-scape, emboldening hateful right-wing propaganda. No Go Press acts as a counter-point to this, showing our towns and cities as the complex, compelling and endlessly fascinating places they truly are.



Our logo was created by Luke Prints.